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#AirportThrowdown Celebrates #NationalDonutDay

Last week, I was at Los Angeles International Airport, which was participating in #NationalHamburgerDay. It was so much fun, I decided to put out an #AirportThrowdown for #NationalDonutDay. Here’s what happened.

Strange But True Aviation News


Bear mace, inert grenades and sword canes — oh my! A can of bear mace, an inert grenade and a sword cane are among the items found by Transportation Security Administration screeners at airport checkpoints across the country the week of May 15, reports the TSA Blog. Of the 57 firearms discovered, 49 were loaded and 16 had rounds chambered. 

Buying a ticket might have been easier. A man who allegedly dreamed of visiting Jakarta but couldn’t afford the flight was found in the wheel compartment of a Garuda Indonesia aircraft after an hour-long flight from Riau, reports the Telegraph.  During the flight, he had limited oxygen and withstood below-freezing temperatures.  After landing, he was immediately taken to the airport clinic for treatment.

I guess ice would have been nice.  An Egyptian navy officer found himself under arrest after slapping a flight attendant aboard a FlyDubai flight, reports World Wide Weird News. The incident happened after the flight attendant refused to give him ice so he could drink his duty-free booze, which is prohibited by the airline.

BYOB – NOT! Ryanair is no longer allowing customers to bring their own alcohol on board flights between Glasgow and the party island of Ibiza, reports Skift.  The airline allows alcohol bought at duty-free shops on their aircraft but prohibits customers from consuming it on the flight. But some passengers allegedly have a problem with that rule.

Higher and higher. An Air Canada flight from Toronto to Vancouver was delayed for an hour after a man began smoking pot aboard the aircraft, reports CTV News.  The captain returned to the gate to remove the passenger

The breast is best. A mother on a Virgin Australia flight was breastfeeding her crying baby using a baby sling as a cover when a cabin supervisor demanded she remove it, reports But when she refused, she was removed from the flight. She was not arrested but was given a flight credit. The airline said the sling was a flight hazard.

Strange But True Aviation News

Guns at the airport? Not a good idea, kids. TSA screeners at JFK Airport found a loaded .25 caliber pistol in a shoebox carried by a male passenger, reports CBS New York. He claimed he didn’t know the gun was there but was still arrested on weapons charges.

Can you wait until we get to the gate? A passenger on India’s Jet Airways opened the emergency exit of a plane from Chandigarh to Mumbai and jumped 15 feet down to the ground soon after landing but while the plane was still approaching the terminal, reports Mid-Day.  The passenger casually walked away.

Easy come, easy go, easy come back. A Japanese real estate entrepreneur left his one-of-a-kind diamond-covered gold Cartier watch at a Transportation Security Administration  (TSA) checkpoint at Newark Airport, reports CNN.  An agent spotted the watch and recorded it in the airport’s Lost andFound, while the owner’s friend helped track it down. Other items found by TSA screeners the week of May 8 included: an octagonal sais; a hammer; brass knuckles; and 20 stun guns. They also found 43 firearms, 38 of which loaded and 14 with rounds chambered.

Water cannon or foam cannon? Virgin Atlantic’s inaugural flight from Manchester, UK, to Atlanta, should have received the traditional water cannon salute, but was instead was covered in thick foam, reports Mashable. As a result of the mess,  the return flight was  delayed 24 hours so crews could properly clean the foam off the aircraft.

It’s a plane, not a boxing ring. A Westjet passenger on a flight from Toronto to Vancouver allegedly punched a flight attendant after she touched her gently and informed her she was not allowed to do something on the plane, reports Huffington Post.  The passenger had previously been making demands, and was arrested after landing.

Baggage that’s gone to the dogs. A chihuahua was found packed in its owner’s checked luggage by a TSA screener at LaGuardia Airport, reports CNN. The dog jumped into luggage while the owner was packing, but was unnoticed.





Strange But True Aviation News


Talk about getting high! Ten vacuum-sealed packages of marijuana were discovered in a checked bag at San Francisco International Airport by Transportation Security Administration screeners, reports the TSA Blog. Other items found include: 10 inert/replica/novelty grenades; three full camping-sized propane tanks; 16 stun guns; and 40 firearms, 31 loaded and 13 with rounds chambered.

Cat fight! Four women traveling on a Shenzhen Airlines flight from Dalian to Shenzhen were arrested when their plane landed after they got into a fight about a reclining seat, reports the Daily Mail.  One woman felt that the person in front of her and a heated argument turned into a full-blown, hair-pulling fight.

It was the bargain that wasn’t. Up to 100 WestJet Facebook fans thought they were getting really cheap fares between Toronto to Las Vegas to attend a conference, but it was a scam, reports CBC News. The deal allegedly offered 50 percent off fares, but those who bought the tickets learned their tickets were invalid.

An airline giveth… An Alaska Airlines employee came to the rescue of a stranded Delta Air Lines passenger in Seattle whose ticket had been canceled after a series of delays, reports the Consumerist.

…And an airline taketh away. Passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight from St. Louis to Denver found themselves stranded for 18 hours after a series of delays experienced by the carrier — caused by a broken printer, reports CBS Denver. After being offered no food or compensation for the delay, police had to be called to help board the passengers.

Be careful what you wear. A college student on a Southwest Airlines from Dallas to Chicago found himself kicked off his flight after it made a weather-related stop in St. Louis, reports the Consumerist. He was kicked off because a gate agent took offense with a t-shirt he was wearing that said “Broad F****ing City.”

Thief! A United Airlines employee based at Newark Liberty International Airport was arrested after cameras caught him stealing $576 from a passenger’s wallet in a tray at a security checkpoint, reports Mashable.