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Random Aviation Photos

A year ago, our family went to Tokyo for 10 days to celebrate Baby Digital’s 10th birthday. My poor family — I dragged them to Tokyo Narita Airport three hours early so I could take photos of all the world’s airlines parked at the gates.  Below is one I took of a United Airlines Boeing 747. And today is Election Day, so please don’t forget to vote!!


In April 2008, I had the chance to travel to Seoul, South Korea to do a series of stories on Korean Air. After landing at Incheon International Airport, I had the chance to take some photos of the heavy metal parked at different gates. Below is a Northwest Airlines Airbus A330 I snapped. NWA is gone, but not forgotten. Enjoy!



Strange But True Aviation News


Baaaaaaad goat!! A Bhutan Airlines pilot flying into Nepal’s Kathmandu International Airport had to do a go-around after a goat wandered onto the runway, reports the Telegraph. The goat was captured by airport personnel and the flight was able to land.

You want your pilot sober. A SkyWest pilot who tried to fly from Rapid City to Salt Lake City was arrested after allegedly being drunk before a flight, reports the Associated Press. Forty-five passengers were delayed for two hours while the airline brought in a new crew. The pilot has been removed from duty and is on administrative leave.

That could be a very expensive phone. The Federal Aviation Administration is serious about keeping travelers from bringing their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones — which have an unfortunate tendency to catch fire — onboard flights, reports Inc. If you’re caught bringing one on board, it could cost you a $179,933 fine. And you could be facing charges if the federal agency believes the phone was carried with malicious intent.

If it quacks like a duck…There has been an ongoing debate about travelers who bring unusual emotional support animals aboard their flights. Mashable posted a story about a man who decided to livetweet his flight as he sat next to a passenger who had an emotional support duck.

Sheraton Unveils “Delight my Delay” Program at JFK Airport’s Terminal 7

It’s time for holiday travel crunch time. The crowds. The delays. The screaming children. The lost luggage. But the good folks at Sheraton Hotels and Resorts have unveiled a special program at JFK Airport Terminal 7 for travelers experiencing the bad part of holiday travel.  Travelers at Terminal 7 will have the chance to turn their delays into delights by redeeming gifts and prizes while they wait in the airport through Thursday Dec. 24.  See how it works in the video below.

I wish you all a very happy holiday season and look forward to a great 2016!