The ORIGINAL Strange But True Aviation News

That announcement *wasn’t* the bomb. Nicole Anna Miller is facing a five-year prison stint and a $250,000 fine after being charged with providing false information and making threats against an aircraft after she made several fake bomb threat calls to JetBlue specifically about a flight from Boston to Chicago, reports USA Today.  Turns out the whole thing was precipitated by a dispute between Miller and her cousin, who was aboard the flight.

Oh you mean THAT baby in my handbag? An Egyptian couple has been charged with attempted smuggling and child endangerment after being caught hiding their 5-month-old child in a handbag at UAE’s Sharjah International Airport, reports CNN. The smuggling occurred because the couple didn’t want to wait two days to get a proper visa for the child.

He made a revolutionary claim.  Zachary Hinders was arrested at Yuba County Airport after he tried to hijack a helicopter, reports CBS San Francisco.  The pilot could not hear Hinders’ demands over the noise of the helicopter and ordered him off.  Hinders allegedly told police Cuba’s Fidel Castro ordered him to hijack the helicopter.

Somebody — catch that cart!!  Five passengers on a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Phoenix were injured when a food cart came loose as the plane was landing, reports USA Today.

The drone was a drag. Two filmmakers were intercepted and cited by the National Park Service and the Coast Guard after being caught using a remote-control drone helicopter to do HD filming over San Francisco’s Alcatraz prison, reports KTVU-TV.

Nicki Minaj takes issue with the Transportation Security Administration.  Rapper/singer Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to tell her 13 million followers that she was “overtly fondled” by a TSA agent at London Heathrow Airport, reports Zimbio. The article does note that TSA doesn’t operate outside the U.S.


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