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Nobody likes a drunken crew.  First class and premium cabin passengers on a British Airways flight from London to Washington, D.C., were shocked over the behavior of off-duty crew, who drank bottles of champagne and wine, reports the Sun.  After passengers complained, the on-duty crew cut off the booze, causing quite the row.

Speaking of drunken crew…An off-duty British Airways captain has been suspended after allegedly groping a female passenger seated in first class on a flight from London to Japan, reports  He had allegedly consumed several whiskies during the flight.

I guess they really needed to light up.  A Sunwings flight from Halifax to the Dominican Republic had to divert to Bermuda after a family of  four were caught smoking in the aircraft lavatory, reports the CBC.  The family became verbally abusive after being confronted by the crew.

It was a different kind of bird.  Aeroflot flight attendant Tatiana Kozlenko is getting her job back after originally being fired for flipping the bird to passengers, reports  NBC News. Kozlenko posted a photo of herself making the gesture on  the Russian version of Facebook.  A blogger found the photo and it went viral.

Talk about baby with the bathwater! The House of Rapp blog is taking issue with a stance being taken by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at California’s John Wayne Airport. Because 5 percent of TSA screener badges are “missing,” the agency has decided that everyone must apply to receive a new badge. In fact, the badges in question were not returned after they expired.

It was the usual excuse.  TSA screeners at Port Columbus International Airport found a gun and concealed in the lining of a man’s carry-on bag, reports  Of course, the man said he forgot the items were in his bag.

That’s a lot of lost items! An investigation by Atlanta’s WSB-TV has found that 416 passengers had complained of losing items valued at $250,00 at TSA security checkpoints in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  Items reported included jewelry, clothes, shoes, tablets, auto parts and sunglasses.

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