Why I Won’t Be Traveling Via Air During Thanksgiving


Me, sitting comfortably in a British Airways Club World seat. Photo by Benet J. Wilson

On Nov. 19, our friend Micki Maynard wrote a post for Forbes entitled “The Best And Worst Airlines For Holiday Travel.” Mind you, you will not see me near an airline during the holiday season because of the crowds and craziness.

At my age, I no longer have the patience or the tolerance that is involved with holiday travel. There are the crowds, the delays, the bumping, the rudeness and the overall uncivilized actions of those who are stressed out over the entire process.

But if you must go, research by FlightAware outlined in Maynard’s story finds that your odds of arriving on time are best if one, you’re flying west, and two, if you’re flying on Hawaiian Airlines or Alaska Airlines. If you’re flying JetBlue, the news is not good.

So I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. I’m going to be off for the rest of the week, spending time with my family, who is coming in from Texas.

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