Why Mike Benjamin Is A Holiday Travelers’ Best Friend


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Mike Benjamin is the CEO of FlightView, a flight tracking and travel itinerary management company that’s been around for 30 years. FlightView, available on your desktop or as iPhone and Android apps, tracks more than 100,000 commercial and general aviation flights around the world every day.

Mike Benjamin

Mike Benjamin

That information is based on data from airlines, airports and the FAA that comes in on a minute-by-minute basis, says Benjamin. And it’s the data that will help, now that news outlets, including Quartz, are saying that a pre-Thanksgiving nor’easter is going to cause some major travel woes.

“It’s the holiday season and that’s when we get stressed out the most. But  I think the key thing is well-informed traveler can always deal with  the ups and downs of what’s going on better,” said Benjamin.

And one great way to keep informed during the compressed Thanksgiving travel window is the FlightView app. Users can do the following: track flights by flight number or route; watch a moving map to track a particular flight; check for airport delays via a map or by name; and upload itineraries that allow FlightView to share your trips, check flight status and receive alerts if there are any changes.

FlightView also has a handy feature — the ability to show you information on the location of an inbound aircraft for a desired outbound flight. “I was recently on a US Airways flight to Philadelphia, and transferring to a flight home to Boston. We were late arriving to Philadelphia,” said Benjamin. “When I checked the app, I discovered that my next flight to Boston hadn’t even landed yet, so I had time to stop at the restroom and enjoy a cup of coffee.”

A smartphone is the best tool a traveler can have, said Benjamin. “You can immediately use it to rebook flights if there’s a delay or cancellation,” he said. “It can offer the most complete travel information, and can help you look for alternative routes that may be with different airlines.”

It’s all about being informed so you know what’s going on., said Benjamin.  “And by having information and being first to call an airline when there’s a delay, you can also be the first to get things fixed with your airline,” he stated.

The FlightView app has had more than 2.5 million downloads, said Benjamin.  “Our job is to take the data, make sense of it, and give you the data you need for your travel,” he said. “The information is out there and if you have it, you know what’s going on and you can relax and enjoy the holidays.”

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