Strange But True Aviation News

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Really, DHS? Really? Something went slightly off the tracks at the trial of  Ibrahim v. Department of Homeland Security, billed as the first legal challenge of United States government’s no-fly list that’s made it to court, reports Boing Boing. The daughter of plaintiff  Dr. Rahinah Ibrahim, Mustafa Kamal, was scheduled to tesitify, but couldn’t because, wait for it, she was put on the DHS no-fly list. The agency denied it despite documentation submitted by Malaysia Airlines that shows DHS’s no-fly order for Kamal. Ouch!

Kids – NO drinking and flying!!  Capt. Irfan Faiz, a pilot for Pakistan International Airlines, will spend the next nine months in a British jail after being convicted of flying after tests showed he was four times over the drink-fly limit, reports the New York Daily News. His flight from Leeds Bradford International Airport to Islamabad  had 156 passengers on the Airbus A310.

It’s time for the TSA weapons report! On the week of Nov. 22, the Transportation Security Administration’s blog reports that screeners found 28 firearms, with 25 loaded and eight with rounds chambered. They also found a passenger at Pittsburgh International Airport with a loaded .45 caliber pistol with six rounds and one chambered strapped to his ankle.

Some passengers are more equal than others.  Passengers on a Delta Connection flight from Gainsville, Fla., to the carrier’s Atlanta hub found themselves stranded after the carrier cancelled their flight in order to accommodate the University of Florida men’s basketball team, reports FOX News. The flight’s original aircraft was grounded over maintenance, so the Gainsville-Atlanta plane was used to transport the team to a game against the University of Connecticut.

This JetBlue story sounds familiar… Passengers on a JetBlue flight from Fort Myers, Fla., to Boston were quite surprised after hearing a loud bang and discovering that the emergency slide on the Embraer E190 had deployed inflight, reports AvWeb. The flight was diverted to Orlando after the slide filled up the front of the cabin.

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