Strange But True Aviation News

strange sign

Drug bust! Federal agents made a major drug bust at Detroit Metro Airport that included baggage claim workers in San Diego, reports Employees in California passed the bags through security on put them on flights. When the bags arrived in Detroit, other employees used bathroom stalls at the airport to deliver the drugs.

That perfume was the bomb!! A security line at Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport was temporarily closed after security found a bottle of Jimmy Choo perfume shaped like a grenade, reports the Daily Mail. The line was closed to inspect the bottle to ensure it was safe.

Celebrity exposure of the Transportation Security Administration. Actress Amanda Seyfried used Twitter to inform the TSA that she had accidentally carried a Swiss Army knife in her carry-on bag,” reports the Daily Mail. She also attached a photo of the knife and called it “scary.”

Speaking of the TSA…Davi Baker found himself in an interesting predicament when a TSA screener demanded to inspect his bag for Bitcoin, reports TechCrunch. The problem is that Bitcoin is a digital currency, so there was nothing to show.

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