Frequent Travelers Weigh In On Best Airport Eateries


The Vino Volo at BWI Airport. Photo by Benet J. Wilson

I recently had a discussion with a friend who disparaged the lack of food selections at an airport we won’t name here. That led into a discussion on what airports were doing it right when it came to offering the best food and beverage offerings.

So I decided to tap the knowledge of my friends in my “I Love Sitting In 1st/Biz Class” Facebook group and ask them their favorite eateries.  These are folks who have spent more than their fair share of time in airport restaurants, so I value their opinions.

Mary Kirby of the fabulous Runway Girl Network and I agree on our favorite — Vino Volo, which serves world-class wines by the glass and in educational flights, along with “delicious nibbles, nice environment and usually some access to power outlets.”

Below are thoughts from other group members. Enjoy!

Kristin VanderHey Shaw: This may sound lame, but I really love the Garden State Diner at Newark Liberty. Comfort food at its finest! Rice pudding, omelettes, sandwiches, egg creams. It reminds me of my parents’ hometown in New Jersey.

Martin Rottler: One Flew South at Hartsfield-Jackson for excellent airport food, BBQ in Memphis (worth the connection),  and In & Out LAX because it’s the In & Out at LAX. (Read my review of One Flew South here)

Kevin Schorr: I have to second the vote for Vino Volo but it’s tough to find a seat at the IAD-C Concourse location during the evening push. Le Grand Comptoir at Houston Intercontinental is a nice substitute for Vino Volo.

Micheline Maynard: Cartel Coffee at Phoenix Sky Harbor. And yes, Legal Test Kitchen at Boston Logan. Also, Frontera and Garrett’s Popcorn at Chicago O’Hare.

Mark Adamski: Rick Bayless Tortas at Chicago O’Hare (in T1, T3 and T5) .

Morgan Johnston: I love that I can get my Salt Lick fix in Austin-Bergstrom. And for ambience and plane watching alone, Legends Restaurant & Bar at Long Beach Airport is a good time.

Albert Rodriguez: Anthony’s and Ivar’s at Seattle-Tacoma. Both great, and also popular. We also have a Vino Volo stocked with regional wines.

Jason Chiu: Pappadeux’s lunchtime seafood buffet at Houston Intercontinental. Pig out, then pass out. Not a good combo if you’re working the flight…

Andrew Wimpenny: La Carreta at MIA! Typical Cuban food.

Jeffrey Eslinger: Le Grande Orange in Phoenix Sky Harbor.

Dean Starovasnik: Just ate at Jekyll Island Seafood Co. in Terminal. F at Hartsfield-Jackson, serving actual Jekyll Island shrimp and scallops. They have a distinctively sweet flavor due to the sugar cane-related sea grasses upon which the sea creatures dine. Was impressed they had actually trucked them in the five hours from JI. Nice meal in a still brand spanking new terminal.

Rahsaan Johnson: Legal Seafood at Washington National (and now Boston). Pappadeux at Houston Intercontinental. And the Unnamed Coworker likes Lori’s Diner at San Francisco International. (He likes the grilled tuna and chicken salad sandwich with slaw.)

Jamie Baker: Shake Shack, JFK T4. This thread is now closed.

It’s pretty amazing — I’ve eaten at ALL of these restaurants except for five — Cartel Coffee, Le Grand Orange, Legend’s, Jekyl Island and Lori’s Diner. So what did we miss? What are some of your favorite airport restaurants?

 And for those you you who want to keep up with what I’ve been doing over at, click here to see a roundup of all my posts for April. Enjoy!

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