Strange But True Aviation News

STRANGE stadium

You must behave on your flight. A 34-year-0ld woman found herself arrested and in court after she was charged with three counts of Interference with a Flight Crew and Attendants and one count of Assault of a Fellow Passenger, reports KARE-TV. The woman allegedly threatened crew members and assaulted one along with a passenger during a Delta Air Lines from Baltimore to Salt Lake City that had to make an emergency landing at Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport.

The plane goes forward, please. A Ryanair Boeing 737 at Rome’s Ciampino Airport rolled back from its parking space and crashed into a fire station, reports Huffington Post. The aircraft ended up with a broken tail wing and costly damages.

I heard of treating yourself, but maybe he went a bit too far. A Southwest Airlines finance department employee turned himself into police after being caught taking $203,000 in gift cards, reports the Dallas Morning News. The theft began in January 2013, where he took 457 gift cards and gave some to friends and sold others online.

WHY are people still bringing guns to the airport? Transportation Security Administration screeners found a loaded Smith and Wesson .38 in the carry-on bag of a passenger going through a checkpoint at Ohio’s Port Columbus International Airport, reports MyFox28. The bag was confiscated and no charges were filed.

Let’s end the week with this great video of a guy, all by himself at Las Vegas’s McCarron International airport, offering his take on the Celine Dion classic, “All By Myself.” Enjoy!


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