Product Review: Lewis N Clark Travel Necessities

Regular travelers are creatures of habit. There are little rituals that must be followed and items that must be carried. Back on Feb. 14, i wrote about five items I can’t travel without. And in September 2012, I told you about 10 great travel items you can buy at my favorite dollar store, Dollar Tree.


But I’m always looking for new items to add to the list. I received a pitch from the folks at LC Industries, Inc., a company that sells travel accessories under brands including Lewis N Clark. They have just released some new products and asked me to test them out. I was sent, for free, the comfort eye mask, pressure-reducing ear plugs and the two-in-one convertible neck/lumbar microbead pillow, which I agreed to review with no strings attached.

Convertible neck pillow

I recently took several trips to San Antonio to drop off and pick up the child for a visit to her grandparents. It’s a three hour-plus flight, so it was plenty of time to test out all three items. My first flight was at zero dark thirty (why do I do this to myself?), plus I had a sleepless night before the trip. So by the time I boarded my Southwest Airlines flight, I was already exhausted.

Folks who know me know that I mock people who wear the travel neck pillows. I’ve always thought they looked ridiculous, but I felt it was only fair to try one out. And in the category of killing two birds with one stone, I also put on the comfort eye mask and my noise-canceling headphones. As dumb as I looked, I was also amazingly comfortable. The eye mask was adjustable and the inside was concave, so there was room for your eyes to “breathe.” Plus the mask blocked out 100 percent of the light.


Comfort eye mask

The neck pillow’s microbeads were very comfortable. The outside fabric remained cool, and the pillow offered amazing head support. On the evening legs of my flight, I turned the pillow into itself to become a lumbar support — and it worked. I’ve dropped a few pounds, and one of the changes is that I can feel my tailbone after years of it being hidden in my extra padding. The lumbar pillow took the pressure off my lower back, which almost made my Southwest Airlines seat feel like business class — almost.

My daughter always complains about how her ears hurt when we land. The usual cure, gum, isn’t an option anymore now that she’s in the early stages of braces. So I gave her the ear plugs to try out. What a godsend! I’ve gotten to the point where I dread landings because she is in so much pain because of the pressure change. But not with these earplugs.  I like how the earplugs come in a separate case, and the plugs and mask both fit inside the zippered compartment in the neck/lumbar pillow.

Lewis N Clark offers other products including RFID passport holders, hanging toiletry kits, packing cubes and travel adapters.

One thought on “Product Review: Lewis N Clark Travel Necessities

  1. Chris Cole

    Like your daughter, my wife has major difficulties with the pressure changes on plane flights. This is an issue as we love to travel and luckily can take one overseas trip per year.

    We first discovered Earplanes and it made a big difference. She now uses Flents Flightmates which look identical to the product sold by Lewis & Clark. I also use them when I fly and have a cold, The regulation of the pressure changes to your ears and sinus makes all the difference between a painful and pleasant flight. We get two flights out of a set of the ear plugs and they are not very expensive but worth every cent.


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