10 Things You Will ONLY Hear From #AvGeeks

I was chatting with a friend who knows I’m an #avgeek, but doesn’t quite understand the lingo. She’s going to Europe and wondered whether she should fly on Ryanair. I replied “if you’re desperate to save money, want to sit in 10-inch seat pitch and care nothing about #PaxEx, then be my guest.” So please allow me to present other things you’ll only hear from #avgeeks — and things only #avgeeks would understand.  Enjoy!

  1. The movie `Die Hard 2′ makes my head hurt with all its aviation inaccuracies.
  2. Don’t even say the word “B’Gosh” after Oshkosh.
  3. I suppose Bollinger rosé  served in first class on Qatar Airways is OK, but I prefer the Krug served on Cathay Pacific.
  4. I’m not going to St. Maarten for the sand and surf — I’m planespotting!
  5. WHY does that news station insist on using Delta Air Lines L-1011 footage for every story?
  6. I just don’t understand what kind of ROI Emirates expects to get from its stake in Alitalia.
  7. Why did Southwest Airlines choose Row 44 to provide its inflight Wi-Fi service?
  8. If you’re flying on the version one of Korean Air’s Boeing 747, avoid row 45 in the middle — the seat pitch is tight and because it’s a bulkhead, it has a bassinet position, so you know that means screaming babies.
  9. I cannot *believe* that I have to take a Boeing 757 across the pond!
  10. I guess Premium Economy will have to do if I can’t get my upgrade.

Please feel free to share your own sayings!

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