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The airlines didn’t want this lawsuit “weighing” on them. Remember Vilma Soltesz? She was the obese woman who flew home to Hungary for a visit with her husband Janos. They got there OK, but it was a nightmare getting back, being bounced between Delta, KLM and Lufthansa, who were unable to accommodate her. Vilma became ill and died before getting back to her home in New York City, and now her husband has settled his $7.7 million lawsuit against the airlines, reports the Mirror.

That suitcase was the “bomb!”  Australia’s Federal Police had to issue an apology after a woman was given a replacement suitcase at Sydney Airport after her original one was damaged on a flight, reports the Daily Mail. Why did they apologize? The suitcase she was given had 230g of plastic explosives that was used by police officers for a dog training exercise on Aug. 14, the newspaper reported.

Stun guns and belt buckle knives and grenades — oh my! The Transportation Security Administration’s blog reported that screeners found 52 the week of Sept. 12. Of the 5242 were loaded and 10 had rounds chambered. Other items found by screeners included: a double-edged belt buckle knife; a razor blade detected in a boot; inert grenades; an inert firework shell; and stun guns.


Leave the plane spotters alone! Plane spotters at Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport are claiming that officials at the facility are harassing them as they take photos of aircraft and record the tail numbers, reports USA Today. The spotters complained to the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut that they have been repeatedly being thrown off airport property and told by police their activities are illegal, the newspaper reported.

Step AWAY from my barbecue! I felt the pain of Bob Porter, who had packed  a pound of brisket, a pound of smoked sausage and a small condiment cup of sauce from iconic Kansas City restaurant Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, in his checked baggage, reported the Kansas City Star. But when Porter returned home to Washington, D.C., he found a note from the TSA saying his bag had been inspected – and his barbecue was gone. He got nothing from TSA, but Joe’s shipped him the missing items.

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