Strange But True Aviation News


Checking that Chihuahua, sir?  Transportation Security Administration screeners at LaGuardia Airport got quite the surprise when they found a live Chihuahua in a checked bag, according to the TSA Blog. During the week of March 6, screeners found 55 Firearms, with 51 loaded and 13 with rounds chambered. Other items found included 13 stun guns and two 10-inch blade billhook knives.

Drinking and flying don’t mix, part one. A woman identified as a porn star was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after she allegedly assaulted Delta Air Lines crew members and police in a drunken rage, reports Police were forced to drag her away “kicking and screaming,” charging her with suspicion of battery on a police officer and public drunkenness.

Drinking and flying don’t mix, part two. Passengers on a Ryanair flight from Riga to Dublin had to divert to Aarhus, Denmark after an allegedly drunk man took off his shirt and began flexing his muscles, reports the Journal. The man was subdued and arrested after the flight landed.

He fought Ryanair – and won.  A passenger sued Ryanair after his flight out of Fuerteventura, Spain, last March was delayed for nearly 20 hours, forcing him to pay for a taxi and hotel, reports the Daily Record. The airline claimed “extraordinary circumstances,” but the court disagreed, ordering it to pay the passenger $926.00.

Tastes like chicken. A passenger traveling from Africa to Dubai Airport was discovered to be carrying a dead python snake measuring nearly 10 feet, reports Arabian Business. The passenger allegedly told Customs officers that the python was a traditional meal in his country.

This is no way to run an airline. A Pakistan International Airlines flight with 220 seats took off to Karachi despite only having  two passengers aboard, reports The Nation. One can only wonder how much that flight really cost.

Now boarding: a scorpion. A passenger aboard an Alaska Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon, was stung by a scorpion on her arm, reports CNN. She was treated by medical personnel after the flight returned to Los Angeles.


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