Strange But True Aviation News


Volcanic vacation. Travelers expecting to depart from Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaría International Airport didn’t after Turrialba Volcano erupted, forcing officials to close the terminal for safety reasons, reports the Tico Times. The airport opened after a day, but it took several days to reschedule all the cancelled flights.

No one could “finger” why the flight was delayed. A Tigerair flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Singapore was delayed for two hours after a crewmember found what was thought to be a severed finger onboard the aircraft, reports Mashable. It turns out the finger was only a  prosthetic.

No first class for you! More than 300,000 people “liked” and shared a Qantas Facebook page that was offering free first-class flights for the rest of 2015 to celebrate record passenger numbers, reports Traveller. But it turned out the Faebook page, which asked visitors to like and share a photo of a ‘complimentary invitation’ to Qantas’ First Lounge, was a fake.

Pilots only, please. A United Airlines flight from Washington Dulles International Airport to Denver had to return after a passenger tried to get into the cockpit, reports Mashable. According to an accounting of what happened posted on Reddit, the man said he was carrying bombs and ran toward the cockpit, yelling that he had bombs. He was tackled by passengers before reaching the door.

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