Strange But True Aviation News


Now taking off: political inflight fights.  A pilot aboard a flight from San Francisco and Puerto Vallarta had to play referee after passengers got into a fight over the results of the presidential election, reports ABC7. “As people, we have the common decency to respect each other’s decisions, and to get along on this three hour and 13-minute flight,” the pilot said on the intercom.


Dude! Where’s my bike? Basketball legend Bill Walton took to Twitter after Hawaiian Airlines lost his bike during a trip to Maui, reports After asking Walton to email them more information, he quipped — on Twitter — “Why, are you going to email my bike?” All’s well that ends well, as Walton got his bike back a day later.

Flight turns into flight club. A huge fight broke out on a Ryanair jet flying from Brussels to Malta, reports the Mirror. The fight, which had to be broken up by passengers, was started by Eastern European travelers who were described as “incredibly aggressive,” as they exchanged punches.  The aircraft was forced to divert in Pisa, Italy, where the men were removed and arrested.

You can’t just be an air traffic controller. Gary Leff from the View From The Wing blog reports how a Virgin Australia flight was instructed to land in Melbourne — but it was by someone who wasn’t an air traffic controller. The 737 jet came within 275 feet of the runway before a real air traffic controller stopped the plane from landing. The same person also pretended to be a jet requesting an emergency landing.

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