Strange But True Aviation News


Worst airline experience ever? Travel advocate Chris Elliott writes about the nightmare experienced by the Rockowitz family after a series of mishaps — involving American Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways — caused chaos on a family vacation. I’ll let you read it because every time you think it couldn’t get worse, it does.

She paid a “heavy” price for that pregnancy. A pregnant woman and her fiance were both kicked off a Porter Airlines flight from Toronto to Quebec City after flight attendants removed passengers because the aircraft was overweight, reports Global News. The airline said it didn’t get enough volunteers, so it removed people “based on a number of factors,” and offered the couple compensation.

Sometimes it’s better not to recline. Two passengers on a Jetstar flight from Phuket to Sydney had to be separated from fighting after one took exception to the other reclining a seat aboard a Boeing 787, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Police met the flight when it landed and the incident is being investigated.

Let’s end the week with this video, shared by our good friend Marisa Garcia of the Flight Chic blog. It’s a safety video created by Delta Air Lines that Garcia says “defies description.” Thoughts?

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