Strange But True Aviation News


I guess she really had to get off that flight! A woman opened an emergency exit door on a United Airlines and jumped out the jet as it was taxiing to the gate at George Bush Intercontinental  Airport, reports CNN. She was not charged in the incident.

That wasn’t chicken. A passenger on an Air India flight from Boston to Hyderabad found something unexpected in his vegetarian meal — a cockroach, reports the Daily Mail. He found the roach in his food about halfway through eating his meal and posted it on Twitter. The airline apologized.

That math just didn’t add up. Two men trying to board a flight from Miami to Santo Domingo were detained by Customs and Border Protection officers after one tried to hide more than $191,000 in cash, reports the Star-Telegram.  After CBP agents asked him how much money he was carrying, the man said $1,000, but a search found much more.

They won’t be playing soccer anytime soon.  Two San Diego soccer players were convicted of disrupting a Southwest Airlines flight and are now off to prison for interfering with a flight crew and aiding and abetting, reports ABC10 News. One man got five months and the other got seven after being part of a group that was aggressive, used bad language after flight attendants refused to serve them alcohol and did not listen to instructions.

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