Strange But True Aviation News

Strange hand

Big plane, small route. United Airlines dispatched a Boeing 747 jumbo jet to fly from San Francisco International to Los Angeles International Airport. Why? To help hundreds of passengers affected by record rains and winds that wrecked havoc on the airline’s West Coast schedules causing delays and cancellations, reports Travel Skills.

I guess she really wanted that drink. A woman on an EasyJet flight from England to Spain caught drinking her own vodka was escorted off the plane and met by met by two police officers and three security guards, reports AOL. When she was leaving Spain, the airline had canceled her return, forcing her to buy a ticket on another carrier.

Coke isn’t it. A pilot known as ‘the Flying Dutchman’ is going to jail for 23 years after being convicted of smuggling cocaine worth nearly $3 million, reports the International Business Times. He was caught and arrested while sitting on the toilet in his hotel room.

Armrest wars. Inc. magazine reports on a fight between two lawyers on a Monarch Airlines flight from London to Malaga, Spain. One lawyer took exception when the other fell asleep and intruded on their shared armrest, which led to a shoving match.

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