Airport Concession Confessions-Useful Services

TNT has been running the movie “The Terminal,” starring Tom Hanks.  You can see a summary of the movie here at the Internet Movie Database. But it reminded me that there are so many concessions in major airports, you could actually live in one if you needed to.  So below are my five favorites. Enjoy!

  1. Aero Clinic: there is NOTHING worse that getting sick while on travel.  You’re far from home, your doctor and your local pharmacy. So if you’re sick and in a location where Aero Clinic is, you can go in, get a diagnosis, get a prescription and be on your way.  They take most major health insurance, and if not, fees are pretty reasonable. Right now, they’re located at Hartsfield-Jackson and Philadelphia International airports, with plans (announced in 2009) to open at Charlotte-Douglas.  Check out my June 2007 Aviation Week Towers and Tarmacs blog post on Aero Clinic here.
  2. Harmony Pharmacy: you’re on a trip. You have your prescription medication with you, but realize you’re running low.  If you happen to be at Newark, JFK, San Francisco, DFW, Cleveland-Hopkins or Baltimore-Washington airports, you’re in luck, since they all have a Harmony outlet.  You can also buy the items you’d normally find in your local drug store. Nice!

  3. Minute Suites: these little oases at Hartsfield-Jackson and Philadelphia International airports are favorites for offering a sofa/daybed with blankets, along with WiFi access, television and a desk, all for only $30 an hour .I am a BIG believer in the power of naps, and this concession allows you to take one during longer layovers.
  4. O2 Bar & Spa: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You had a great time, but may be feeling a bit “out of sorts” right before you get on that flight at McCarran International Airport.  Folks swear by the therapeutic effects of this bar which offers oxygen and aromatherapy to cure what ails you.

So — what did I miss? What are some of your favorite useful airport services?

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