Benét J. Wilson is the founder and editor-in-chief of Aviation Queen LLC, an aviation/travel writing, multimedia and consulting business. She is also the Air Travel Expert for About.com and Senior Business Editor of Airport Business magazine. Other clients include USA Today’s Today in the Sky blog, AirwaysNews.com, Airports Council International-North America’s Centerlines magazine, Jetrader magazine, Airport World magazine, the Airline Passenger Experience magazine, Aviation International News, the Runway Girl Network, Tnooz, NewsCred and Arizona State University’s Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism website

Wilson has also worked for various aviation trade publications including AirwaysNews.com, AOPA Pilot magazine, The Weekly of Business AviationAviation Daily, Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine and Commuter/Regional Airline News. She has been a trade journalist for more than years, and also spent five years in senior corporate communications positions at Delta Air Lines, Mesa Air Group, Rolls-Royce North America and the Regional Airline Association.

Wilson has spoken extensively at conferences and seminars on topics including airports/security, new media and social media trends.

Code of Ethics

As a journalist and a blogger, I firmly believe that ethics are good. The issue came up when I received my first request for a product review, so I decided to set one up.

I won’t lie — I have copied, word-for-word, what my good friend Brett “Cranky Flier” Snyder has on his website. I have his permission, and hey–why reinvent the wheel? I just have one addition-I will take a product for review, but I will return it after I’ve tested it for a blog post. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at benet AT aviationqueen DOT com.

For the purpose of this code, “free and/or discounted products and services” refers to anything offered to me for free or for a discount simply because of my status as a blogger.

  • When I write about free and/or discounted products and services, I will always disclose on this page who gave them to me, when they were given to me, and when I wrote about them. I will also include the discount amount offered in any post on the products/services.
  • I will always write the truth about a product or service regardless of whether it is good or bad. I will never trade favorable press for free and/or discounted products and services.
  • I will only accept free and/or discounted products and services if the people offering the product/service confirm that they have read this code of ethics and are willing to abide by the rules that have been set here.
  • Just because I have been provided with free and/or discounted products and services doesn’t mean I will write about them. The only criteria for determining whether or not to write about a product is if it will make for a compelling post, good or bad.