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Random Aviation Photo

In October 2013, I attended the AOPA annual convention in Fort Worth, Texas. For some crazy reason, I ended up at Dallas Love Field four hours before my actual flight departure. That gave me plenty of time to wander and take photos like the #avgeek that I am.  I took this one in front of the Cool River Cafe.


Random Aviation Photo

In April 2007, I was at my hometown airport, Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall, for the grand opening of Vino Volo (one of my personal favorites). The restaurant’s bar faced the window with a great view of the tarmac. As I sat during the interview, this “Casper” Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 was parking at a gate. Enjoy!


Now Taking Off: ToddlerAir

I received this video from Michael Raisch, who built a replica Boeing 737 flight simulator cabin and cockpit in his living room to share the flight experience with his 2-year-old daughter. He dubbed it ‘ToddlerAir.’ The amazing pat of this is that Michael is NOT an airline pilot. But I’m all in for someone who is encouraging his young daughter to consider aviation, and I hope more parents do something amazing like this!

Random Aviation Photo

In October, I went to Dallas Love Field to cover Southwest Airlines’ celebration on the end of the Wright Amendment. As always, I take time to wander around the airport and take photos. Across from the center of the airport’s food court is a restaurant called Sky Canyon, which has great views of the tarmac.  I took this shot as a Southwest Boeing 737 was taxiing to a gate. Enjoy!