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It’s been a busy week, and I’ve been all over the place.


Story Links From My About.com Air Travel Page

Regular readers know that I’ve cut back on posts here because I’m in my second year as the Air Travel Expert for About.com. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe you guys might be interested in some of the posts I’ve done over there, so I’m going to highlight three posts a week going forward.

Post one is my primer on how travelers can snag those rock-bottom air fares caused by airline “glitches.” In this post, I offer links to web sites, Facebook groups, air travel forums and folks on Twitter who are the ones that get the word out about fares like the Christmas present from Etihad that thousands of folks took advantage of.

With all the bad weather and flight cancellations that follow it, I wrote a post of 10 things travelers can do when they’re faced with delays and cancellations. Tip – smartphones are key in this process.

Finally because I’m a girl who loves a good meal at the airport, check out these five restaurants that are so good they actually make you forget you’re dining in the middle of a terminal. And there are many more than five — I could have written a post just on the great selections in JetBlue’s JFK Terminal 5 alone!


Going On A Trip? Let About.com’s Travel Experts Help Plan It

Photo by Benet J. Wilson

While our family jaunt to Paris and London for Christmas was great, it is so good to be home.  This trip was six months in the making, and we used a lot of resources to make it happen. One of the most important was the travel section of About.com. Full disclosure: I am starting my second year as the Air Travel Expert for About.com.

About.com has thousands of experts on everything from Frugal Living to Grammar and Composition, and everything in between. But it’s the Travel section that has become my personal addiction — and not just because I’m one of the writers.

When it comes to Paris and London, there are so many things to see and do, but only so much time to do them in.  I did a Google search on tourist attractions in Paris and the About.com page for expert Courtney Traub popped up with this great post: What To See In Paris, Neighborhood by Neighborhood, which served as a great jumping-off point.

I knew I wanted to take the kid to one of the myriad Christmas markets that pop up across the city for the holiday season, and Courtney had that covered here. We needed a guide of restaurants that were open for dinner on Christmas, since Paris tends to shut down that day. Again, it was Courtney to the rescue, here. She also had a general guide about spending Christmas in the City of Lights, here. And finally, we got great tips for our Christmas Day excursion to Disneyland Paris here.

So when it came time to plan for the London part of the trip, I went directly to About.com expert Laura Porter. I wanted my daughter to experience a proper English high tea, but I needed one more oriented to kids. Laura covered that in her post, Afternoon Tea in London with Kids. I found a nice list of things to do for free with kids in London, here.  I didn’t get a chance to see a theater show while I was there, but Laura did a great article here on how to score cheap tickets.

I have to warn you that the site can be addictive, and you can spend hours checking on all the experts’ great advice.  Other Travel experts I recommend include:


My About.com Posts In June

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I thought I’d share five of my favorite posts from my other gig as air travel expert for About.com. Enjoy!

  1. Websites Offer Tips For Finding Best Air Fares

  2. What Everyone Should Know About Lost Luggage

  3. Five Tips On How To Make Smooth Airline Connections

  4. 6 Great Tech Tools For Air Travelers

  5. Quicket Promises One-Stop App For Travelers

Changes In Attitude, Changes In Latitude…

Let's toast to my new gig! Photo by Benet J. Wilson

Kids: as of today, I have a new side gig: Air Travel Expert for About.com.  About.com was owned by the New York Times, but is now owned by IAC. Other sites operated by IAC include OKCupid.com, Ask.com and The Daily Beast.

According to About.com, the Air Travel Expert is responsible for “The purpose of the air travel site is to help travelers make informed decisions about where to buy tickets, what tools to use to make buying decisions, what airlines to take and provide them with information that they need about the airline industry.”

So as a result, this blog will change. Starting next Monday, I’ll still do an original post. Random Aviation Photos will move from Thursday to Wednesday, and Strange But True Aviation News will remain on Friday. If time allows, I’ll do an occasional post.  I hope you’ll support me in this new endeavor.