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Random Aviation Photo

Back in April 2008, I had the chance to go to Seoul, South Korea, to do a series of stories for Aviation Daily. While everyone else was rushing to customs and baggage claim after we landed, I took my time, taking photos of global carriers I didn’t often get to see in the U.S. But I could not resist taking a few snaps of a Northwest Airlines Airbus A330 parked at a gate at Incheon International Airport.  Enjoy!


Random Aviation Photo

Back in August 2007, I flew out to Las Vegas to do a series of stories for Aviation Daily and Aviation Week on McCarran International Airport. I love taking airport tours, because you get to be a ramp rat, seeing stuff the traveling public never gets to see. As part of that tour, I got to go to the top of the airport’s operational tower, where I snapped this shot. I also have it posted on my Facebook profile. Enjoy!


Random Aviation Photo

Back in April 2008, I spent a week in Seoul, South Korea, to do a series of stories on the flag carrier for Aviation Week and Aviation Daily. One of the places my hosts took me was the flight attendant training facility.  They gave me an overview on the vigorous training done by flight attendants to ensure the safety of passengers.  Below is a photo I took of a Boeing 747 fuselage mock-up that’s used by flight attendants in training to practice evacuations in different situations. Considering what happened during Saturday’s Asiana crash, I thought this was timely.

P.S. Don’t forget to wish me a happy birthday! 🙂



Top 10 Questions I Have About TSA’s 19 (!) Twitter Accounts

Back in January 2008, I was working at Aviation Week’s Aviation Daily, covering the airports and aviation security beats.  Part of that beat was covering the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  Late that month, I got a call from one of the public affairs guys I spoke with regularly telling me that TSA was starting a blog, originally called the Evolution of Security.

I thought he was joking, but it turns out he was completely serious, so I did a blog post about it.  I was highly skeptical at the beginning, but I actually think four years later that the agency has done a good job using the blog to reach out to the traveling public and in getting its messaging out.

A big reason for that success is “Blogger Bob,” who has handled the TSA Blog since almost the beginning.  Our good friends the Airplane Geeks interviewed him way back on Episode 57. I like how TSA uses the blog to explain policy, talk about what the agency is doing and, most importantly, busting myths like the mommy blogger who accused TSA screeners of separating her from her son.

I thank my Twitter followers for alerting me to the latest TSA social media news: that the agency now has 19 Twitter accounts.  I thought I was busy managing my five Twitter accounts.  Twitter is probably my favorite social media tool because of the immediacy.  But your Twitter followers also want to hear from you, and not just peddling your message of the day.  So below are 10 questions I’m asking TSA about their new love of Twitter.

  1. How long have you been on Twitter?
  2. Why do you think it’s important as a social media tool?
  3. Who is overseeing the regional, @TSA and @TSABlogTeam accounts?
  4. What is the difference between the @TSA and @TSABlogTeam accounts?
  5. Why did you feel it was important to establish the regional accounts?
  6. What types of items will the regional accounts be Tweeting?
  7. Will the regional accounts just push news or will they interact with followers?
  8. How often will the TSA spokespeople Tweet?
  9. Will they interact with their followers?
  10. What types of things will they Tweet?
  11. BONUS QUESTION: Do you think 19 accounts may be too much?

So there are my questions.  What would you ask TSA about their Twitter strategy?

Random Aviation Photo

Back in February 2008,  I took a 1-day trip out to Denver to do an Aviation Daily story on the now-defunct Lynx Aviation, which flew a fleet of Bombardier Dash 8-400s to feed flights for Frontier Airlines. 

I had some time to kill at Denver International Airport, so I wandered from gate to gate and saw the shot, below.  It is a Frontier Airbus A319 with the Dolphin tail parked next to the only aircraft, at that time, in the Republic Airways livery.  At the time, Republic had not bought Frontier.  Enjoy!!