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Random Aviation Photos

A year ago, our family went to Tokyo for 10 days to celebrate Baby Digital’s 10th birthday. My poor family — I dragged them to Tokyo Narita Airport three hours early so I could take photos of all the world’s airlines parked at the gates.  Below is one I took of a United Airlines Boeing 747. And today is Election Day, so please don’t forget to vote!!


Unboxing KLM’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner

klm_unboxing_jessemons_02Every airline that has introduced the Boeing 787 into its fleet has tried to do something special to celebrate the event. Dutch flag carrier KLM decided to go with the hottest trend in online videos: unboxing videos.

These videos feature people showing how they unpack their newest, sexiest gadgets, including smartphones, smart watches, tablets, game consoles — you name it. The whole world watches how someone unpacks his or her latest purchase with enthusiasm and glee.

klm_unboxing_jessemons_05So to introduce the newest member of KLM’s fleet, advertising firm DDB & Tribal Amsterdam created the most spectacular unboxing video ever made: the unboxing of its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Because let’s be honest — can you imagine unboxing a sexier gadget than a new airplane? No.

In the video, the brand-new custom-built KLM 787 Dreamliner is unboxed by its actual crew. The two pilots that actually fly the plane reveal the flight deck. And the cabin crew got to be the first to lay their hands and eyes on the new interior. Step by step, all of the plane’s amazing new features are revealed. The film was shot at KLM’s home base at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport a few hours before the Dreamliner’s maiden flight.

The result? The biggest unboxing video you’ve ever seen. Check it out, below. Enjoy!


Random Aviation Photo

In April 2007, I was at my hometown airport, Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall, for the grand opening of Vino Volo (one of my personal favorites). The restaurant’s bar faced the window with a great view of the tarmac. As I sat during the interview, this “Casper” Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 was parking at a gate. Enjoy!


Random Aviation Photo

Every year on the second Saturday in June, it is my distinct pleasure to hang out with the Airplane Geeks to record the show live at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, National Air and Space Museum, next to Washington Dulles International Airport, for Become A Pilot Day.  One of the bonuses of the event is that we can arrive before the museum open to set up. There’s always enough time to wander the planes on display before the masses arrive.  Below is a shot I took of a Boeing 307 Stratoliner that was flown by Pan Am. Enjoy!