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INFOGRAPHIC – 10 Carry-On Bags Guaranteed to Fit Above Your Seat

As a person who refuses to check a bag unless it’s absolutely necessary, I make it my business to know the carry-on bag policies of the major airlines. I actually did a post for my Air Travel Expert About.com on policies for U.S. major, low-cost and international airlines.

And now the good folks at Portmantos offer this handy infographic to show not only what bags are allowed for which airlines, but it also offers suggestions for carry-on luggage you can buy for your next trip. Enjoy!

Portmantos Infographic

Airline Staples Are Repurposed Into Travel Items

On November 6, 2015, I had the chance to attend the sneak peek of JetBlue’s T5i, a new international terminal extension at its JFK Airport home. As we were taking the tour of the new international arrivals section of T5i, one of our tour guides was carrying a tote bag that looked very much like a Southwest Airlines seat.

Image courtesy of Looptworks

Turns out it was made from a Southwest seat by a company called Looptworks, based in Portland, Oregon. The company specializes in taking high-end, quality material — like the leather from a Southwest Airlines seat — and repurposing it into limited edition goods. Looptworks has taken the leather from the airline seats and created a weekender duffle bag ($225), a backpack ($250), a convertible tote ($150) and a toiletry kit ($65). Below is a video about the project.


If that’s a bit too rich for your blood, go over to the Air France shop, where the carrier has repurposed old life vests. For between $21 and $27, you can snag a flat makeup case in different shapes and sizes.  Pop over to Skyebags for items created from old Delta Air Lines leather, including the Kitty Hawk Tote ($118), the Raleigh Dopp Kit ($155) or the Guthmiller Wallet ($99).

Raleigh Dopp Kit. Image courtesy of Skyebag

Remember back on December 13, 2013, when I did a post on furnishing my lottery winnings house using aviation-parts built by Motoart? Well, I found an Etsy store — ByRebeccaLee — that will sell me a medicine cabinet made from a vintage suitcase. And it will only cost me $350! And speaking of my posts, don’t forget to check out this one on Fly-Belts, where you can cinch in those skinny jeans with a belt inspired by the seat belts you see on airplanes.  Happy shopping!


My Top 5 Interesting Aviation Stories Of The Week

Let’s just hop to this week’s stories, shall we?  And I lied — I actually have six to share with you kids this week.

  1. We’ve all heard about the sleeping air traffic controllers, but did you hear about the one who was suspended — because he was watching a movie? My Aviation Week colleague Darren Shannon writes about it here.
  2. The Consumer Traveler website offers us “Ned’s top 10 airplane luggage myths.”  Number one made me laugh out loud.
  3. Speaking of luggage, Cranky Flier has a cool post on how Delta Air Lines can now track your bags in real time.  It looks like the screen you use to track your FedEx packages.
  4. Gary Stoller of USA Today asks the question that many of us have known for a long time: “Are frequent-flier programs losing their luster?”
  5. The Up Up and a Gay blog tapped into one of my secret fears — airline lavatories.  I would rather hold it until it’s leaking from my ears (sorry for the graphic description) before I use an airline lav — and that includes international flights.  It was always a general thing with me and public restrooms, but a visit to American Airlines’ maintenance facility where, among other things, they clean lavs, was just too much for me. Ewwww!!!
  6. And here’s your bonus!  The Runway Girl blog has an interesting post about new technology from GuestLogix and Pokeware where “if you see something you like in a piece of video content, you can poke it to learn more about the product, and if you still like it you can buy it.”

I would be remiss if I didn’t point you to this week’s Airplane Geeks podcast, which featured a great interview with Igor Sikorsky III.  I knew that his grandfather was a helicopter pioneer, but had no idea of his impact on commercial aviation.  Did you know he designed the Flying Boats used by Pan Am back in the day?  And I make it into the listener mail segment toward the end of the show, talking about my views on car seats for children on airplanes (I’m 100% for it).

Of course, it would NOT be Friday without the amusement park I like to call Strange But True Aviation News.  And remember–I can’t make this stuff up!!

And here’s your video this week — it’s a time-lapse video of Turkey’s Istanbul Atatürk Airport.  Enjoy!