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Random Aviation Photo

On Nov. 3, 2008, four new runways — at Washington Dulles, Hartsfield Jackson, Lambert St. Louis and Seattle-Tacoma airports — opened. I got to hang out with acting FAA Administrator Bobby Sturgell at the opening of the fourth Dulles runway. As part of that event, a group of us got to go up in the Dulles tower, where I was able to snap this shot of a Southwest Airlines jet on the runway.  Enjoy!


Random Aviation Photo

On Nov. 8, 2008, new runways opened at three airports: Chicago O’Hare, Seattle-Tacoma and Washington Dulles. As the airports editor for Aviation Week and Aviation Daily, I got to cover the opening of the fourth runway at Dulles.  As part of that event, I got rare access to hang out on the runway, which allowed me to get the shot below. Enjoy!


Random Aviation Photo

On  Nov. 20,2008, four new runways opened at four different airports — Seattle-Tacoma, Hartsfield-Jackson, Chicago O’Hare and Washington Dulles.  I got to hang out on the new fourth runway at Dulles for a story I did for Aviation Week.

One of the treats of the event was a trip up to the Dulles tower.  The view was unbelievable, and among the pictures I snapped was a United Airlines/Star Alliance Boeing 777.  Enjoy!

Random Aviation Photo + One!

Before I covered the business aviation beat, I covered airports and security.  One of my favorite parts of covering airports was when I got to go outside and play on runways.  Back on November 20, 2008, we saw three new runways open at Washington Dulles, Chicago O’Hare and Seattle-Tacoma airports.

I attended the dedication of the Dulles runway.  I was working on a story about the new runways for Aviation Week (subscribers only), and it involved me going out on the new 4th runway for a photo shoot with then acting FAA Administrator Robert Sturgell.

So below are 2 photos for your consideration.  Photo one is one of my runway shots.  Photo 2 is one taken by FAA’s photographer of me on the runway marker.  Enjoy!