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Strange But True Aviation News

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This was a “slipper-y” slope. An Indian member of parliament has been banned from flying the country’s major airlines after confessing to hitting an Air India flight attendant 25 times with a slipper, reports the Guardian. The MP said the thrashing came about on a flight from Pune to New Delhi after he accused the flight attendant of insulting him.  

A picture is worth a thousand words — but not the wrong one. Lithuania created a tourism program using the slogan “Real is beautiful.” But a problem arose when it was discovered that some of the photos used in the campaign were actually taken in Finland and Slovakia, reports DW.com. The tourism chief resigned after the photos went viral on social media.

You can’t take that past security. A worker at St. Croix Airport plead guilty to drug smuggling after being caught trying take a bag of cocaine strapped to his leg past the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint, reports the Virgin Islands Free Press. He faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $1 million.

Smoke gets in your eyes — at the airport. A live smoke grenade was found by TSA screeners in the carry-on bag of a passenger flying out of Raleigh-Durham International Airport, reports the News & Observer.

Strange But True Aviation News


What’s wrong with this plug? The Point Me to the Plane blog posted a funny video of airline passengers trying to plug their electronics into fake power outlet stickers. Hilarity ensues!

President Trump is no joking matter. A self-described celebrity dentist claims he was kicked off an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York after he made a Trump immigration joke before the plane took off, reports the Hollywood Reporter. He was put on a later flight.

Fighting really bites! A man lost four teeth and had his jaw broken after being hit by a co-worker at Lehigh Valley International Airport, reports the Morning Call. The co-worker was charged with aggravated assault and harassment and released on $50,000 bail.

He should have left the gun at home. A guitarist for a rock band was fined $1,000 after carrying a loaded handgun on a Delta Air Lines flight from  Mexico to Atlanta, reports Philly Voice. He argued that he had carried the gun on flights “30 to 50 times a year” with no problem.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! I know this isn’t aviation related, but I just *had* to share this video that happened at an Amtrak station somewhere in New York state. Enjoy!


Strange But True Aviation News

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Armrest wars. Inc. magazine reports on a fight between two lawyers on a Monarch Airlines flight from London to Malaga, Spain. One lawyer took exception when the other fell asleep and intruded on their shared armrest, which led to a shoving match.

You should have checked that map. A British Airways flight from London City Airport to New York JFK — with a stop in Ireland — had to stay overnight after the pilots realized that maps to the U.S. hadn’t been downloaded, reports the Sun. Passengers stayed overnight in Ireland and continued on their flight.

Thin — and young — is in. Russia’s Aeroflot, in an attempt to revamp its image, is allegedly removing “old, fat ugly” flight attendants from higher-paying international flights, reports Radio Free Europe. The airline didn’t comment, but a flight attendant said she was told that “only the young and thin will fly abroad for Aeroflot.”

That landing gear might be handy. An Air India flight from Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport to Cochin was forced to make an emergency landing and was delayed for four hours after two engineers “forgot” to remove pins from the landing gear of the flight, reports Scroll.in. If the pins are not removed, the wheels cannot be retracted while the plane is in flight. The engineers were relieved of their duties while the airline investigates.

Some extra seats would have been nice. A Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 777 flight (with 409 seats) between Karachi and Medina, Saudi Arabia, took off with seven passengers who did not have anywhere to sit, reports Inc. So they ended up sitting in the aisles instead of the carrier turning around and removing the extra passengers.

Strange But True Aviation News

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Big plane, small route. United Airlines dispatched a Boeing 747 jumbo jet to fly from San Francisco International to Los Angeles International Airport. Why? To help hundreds of passengers affected by record rains and winds that wrecked havoc on the airline’s West Coast schedules causing delays and cancellations, reports Travel Skills.

I guess she really wanted that drink. A woman on an EasyJet flight from England to Spain caught drinking her own vodka was escorted off the plane and met by met by two police officers and three security guards, reports AOL. When she was leaving Spain, the airline had canceled her return, forcing her to buy a ticket on another carrier.

Coke isn’t it. A pilot known as ‘the Flying Dutchman’ is going to jail for 23 years after being convicted of smuggling cocaine worth nearly $3 million, reports the International Business Times. He was caught and arrested while sitting on the toilet in his hotel room.

Armrest wars. Inc. magazine reports on a fight between two lawyers on a Monarch Airlines flight from London to Malaga, Spain. One lawyer took exception when the other fell asleep and intruded on their shared armrest, which led to a shoving match.

Strange But True Aviation News


Birds on a plane. A photo originally posted on Reddit of a Saudi prince who boarded a flight with 80 falcons in tow, reports Business Insider. The UAE allows falcons to get their own three-year passports, according to Atlas Obscura. Airlines including Flydubai, Qatar Airways and Etihad allow falcons on its planes.

Booted off over a baby. A woman seated in first class on a Delta Air Line flight from New York to Los Angeles claims she was removed because her baby would not stop crying, reports the Independent. She was asked to move to the back after her fellow passengers complained about the noise.

Kicked off over cleavage. A woman says she was booted from a Spirit Airlines flight from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale because she was allegedly showing too much cleavage, reports WPLG-TV. Another woman claims she was kicked off for offering tissue to the original woman who was crying over her ejection. The airline claims that the woman was intoxicated and had been asked several times to cover up before she was removed.

Dude! Where are your clothes? A man who had just taken part in a charity swim across Lake Malawi tried to board a South African Airways flight — wearing nothing but his Speedo, reports the Telegraph. He explained he forgot to bring a change of clothes, but wasn’t allowed to board the flight.

I hope he enjoyed the ride! After being removed from a United Airlines flight from Orlando to Chicago for erratic behavior, things got worse for a man from Calgary, Canada. The man hopped into an employees-only elevator at Orlando International Airport where he stole a luggage cart and drove across a taxiway, reports CBC. He was arrested and charged with trespassing and grand theft.