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Strange But True Aviation News


Birds on a plane. A photo originally posted on Reddit of a Saudi prince who boarded a flight with 80 falcons in tow, reports Business Insider. The UAE allows falcons to get their own three-year passports, according to Atlas Obscura. Airlines including Flydubai, Qatar Airways and Etihad allow falcons on its planes.

Booted off over a baby. A woman seated in first class on a Delta Air Line flight from New York to Los Angeles claims she was removed because her baby would not stop crying, reports the Independent. She was asked to move to the back after her fellow passengers complained about the noise.

Kicked off over cleavage. A woman says she was booted from a Spirit Airlines flight from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale because she was allegedly showing too much cleavage, reports WPLG-TV. Another woman claims she was kicked off for offering tissue to the original woman who was crying over her ejection. The airline claims that the woman was intoxicated and had been asked several times to cover up before she was removed.

Dude! Where are your clothes? A man who had just taken part in a charity swim across Lake Malawi tried to board a South African Airways flight — wearing nothing but his Speedo, reports the Telegraph. He explained he forgot to bring a change of clothes, but wasn’t allowed to board the flight.

I hope he enjoyed the ride! After being removed from a United Airlines flight from Orlando to Chicago for erratic behavior, things got worse for a man from Calgary, Canada. The man hopped into an employees-only elevator at Orlando International Airport where he stole a luggage cart and drove across a taxiway, reports CBC. He was arrested and charged with trespassing and grand theft.


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Strange But True Aviation News

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They tried to get *that* through airport security? About.com Travel Insurance and Safety Expert Joe Cortez has complied a list of the eight strangest things found by TSA in 2016. Some of the more interesting items were a golden hand grenade, a bladed dragon claw and a post-apocalyptic bullet-adorned gas mask.

You don’t want to misbehave on this airline. According to Inc. magazine, Korean Air has had tasers onboard since 2002 to use on passengers who misbehave. But it wasn’t revealed until a recent incident involving singer Richard Marx.

I guess someone wanted to get *really* high! A worker for American Airlines at Tulsa International Airport in Oklahoma got quite a surprise when he checked the nose of a jet: seven bricks of cocaine valued at $434,000, reports ABC 8.

Al was definitely not your pal on this flight. Former New York Sen. Al D’Amato found himself removed from a JetBlue flight from Fort Lauderdale to JFK Airport after he tried to encourage passengers to revolt against the crew, reports CNN. After six flight delays, passengers were asked to move to the back of the plane for weight distribution, and D’Amato insulted the captain and confronted passengers who refused to move.

Dude! Put on your pants! Mashable reports on a horrible, yet hilarious story of a passenger from hell who thought it was a great idea to remove his pants and sit with his legs up and feet on the bulkhead during a four-hour flight. One of his fellow passengers tweeted the event. You have to see it to believe it.


Strange But True Aviation News

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Editor’s note: This will be the last “Strange” in 2016. I thank you all for your support and hope you’ve enjoyed reading these little aviation stories. I wish you a very happy holiday season, and I’ll “see” you in 2017!

Do the crime, do the time. A passenger who got into a fight with a flight attendant aboard a Korean Air flight from Seoul to Guam will be in prison for 36 months, reports USA Today. The passenger pleaded guilty to interfering with flight crew members after he was cut off from alcohol after drinking five beers in a 35-minute span.

The punishment didn’t fit the crime. A businessman arrested on a British Airways flight from London Heathrow to South Africa for taking a photo underneath a flight attendant’s skirt was arrested but ended up only paying a $15 fine, reports the Daily Mail. He has been banned from flying BA for life and an investigation is ongoing about how he received such a light punishment.

For the umpteenth time, drinking and flying don’t mix. After downing four gin and tonics, a passenger aboard a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Manchester, U.K. flying to a funeral allegedly tried to punch a flight attendant, reports the Mirror. The man had his leg broken by fellow passengers who tackled him to the ground to protect the flight attendant.

Dude, where’s my laptop? Seventy people left their laptop computers at security checkpoints at Newark Liberty Airport, reports Gizmodo. How do you forget your laptop, kids?


Strange But True Aviation News


Oh, Baby!! A Southwest Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Orlando was diverted to Charleston, South Carolina after a woman gave birth onboard, reports FOX News. Medical personnel aboard helped with the delivery, and the flight was only delayed by an hour.

It’s an interesting uniform. Flight attendants on VietJet Air have the option of wearing two-piece bikinis as their uniform, reports Viva Lifestyle and Travel. Female CEO Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao notes that most of the crew prefer the bikini to the traditional uniform. To each his own…

What’s that smell? A Pakistan International Airlines flight from Toronto to Lahore had to make an emergency stop at the UK’s Manchester Airport after all the toilets on the plane’s Boeing 777 were blocked, reports Metro. It took five hours to clear the pipes and get the jet airborne again.

Was there anyone left on the plane? Forty-one passengers were removed from a Brussels Airlines flight from Brussels to Alicante, Spain, after some were drunk and some refused to listen to flight attendant instructions, reports RT. The flight was delayed for nearly three hours after crews had to remove the luggage of the 41.


Strange But True Aviation News


I guess she really had to get off that flight! A woman opened an emergency exit door on a United Airlines and jumped out the jet as it was taxiing to the gate at George Bush Intercontinental  Airport, reports CNN. She was not charged in the incident.

That wasn’t chicken. A passenger on an Air India flight from Boston to Hyderabad found something unexpected in his vegetarian meal — a cockroach, reports the Daily Mail. He found the roach in his food about halfway through eating his meal and posted it on Twitter. The airline apologized.

That math just didn’t add up. Two men trying to board a flight from Miami to Santo Domingo were detained by Customs and Border Protection officers after one tried to hide more than $191,000 in cash, reports the Star-Telegram.  After CBP agents asked him how much money he was carrying, the man said $1,000, but a search found much more.

They won’t be playing soccer anytime soon.  Two San Diego soccer players were convicted of disrupting a Southwest Airlines flight and are now off to prison for interfering with a flight crew and aiding and abetting, reports ABC10 News. One man got five months and the other got seven after being part of a group that was aggressive, used bad language after flight attendants refused to serve them alcohol and did not listen to instructions.