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Random Aviation Photo

I was doing a tour of British Airways’ Terminal 5 at London Heathrow Airport in November 2008. And you know that when I’m at an airport, especially an international one, the camera will come out to shoot aircraft and liveries. Below is a shot I snapped from my Club World seat of British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines lined up perfectly. Enjoy!


Random Aviation Photo

Regular readers know that back in November 2008, I got to take the grand tour of British Airways’ flagship Terminal 5 at London Heathrow Airport. I always give myself plenty of time to take pictures, which is how I captured this Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340. Enjoy!

Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340 at London Heathrow Airport. Photo by Benet J. Wilson

Random Aviation Photo

I enjoy going to Orlando International Airport because there is such a great variety of aircraft that fly into the facility.  When I took the photo below, I was visiting the city to cover the National Business Aviation Association’s annual convention. You know I’m a sucker for a Boeing 747. Enjoy!!


Rolling Aviation Thoughts

OK, kids, we’re trying out a new feature.  I always have these crazy aviation/airline thoughts floating in my head or links to other random stuff that isn’t big enough for a full blog post, but is still worth pointing out.  So Wednesday (a day I usually don’t post) is now Rolling Aviation Thoughts.  And they don’t have to be only mine.  If you want to join in the fun, drop your thoughts to me via email (benet AT aviationqueen DOT com) or Twitter. Enjoy!

  • The day I found out I was being laid off from Aviation Week, I had just finished judging Airports Council International-North America’s (ACI-NA) annual concessions awards program.  Well, the winners were announced here.
  • I flew in Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic back in the late 1990s.  I thought providing inflight massages and manicures to Upper Class passengers was a great idea.
  • The airport geek in me wishes she could go to this great exhibit — Now Boarding: Fentress Airports + The Architecture of Flight — at the Denver Art Museum.
  • If, for some reason, I was told I had to move away from the United States and live elsewhere, it would be Brazil — probably in Rio de Janeiro or Salvador.

So — what’s on your mind for next week?

Random Aviation Photo

Back when I was still covering the airports beat, I would always take time to wander around any airports I visited and snap away.  International gateway airports are especially fun because one, I get to see my beloved Boeing 747, and two, you can see some of the world’s flag carriers.

I got two treats in one during a visit to Orlando International Airport, when I saw this Virgin Atlantic 747 parked at the gate ready to depart.  Enjoy!