The ORIGINAL Strange But True Aviation News

WTF? World Trade Center Properties LLC, owner of the twin towers destroyed on 9/11, has filed suit in U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York against American Airlines and United Airlines, reports Bloomberg BusinessWeek. The plaintiff claims the airlines were negligent in not avoiding the attacks by allowing the hijackers to take over the planes in the attacks.

Oh s**t!  Travelers on British Airways got an unpleasant surprise when they landed at London Heathrow Airport — a foul stench caused by raw sewage that had sprayed on their baggage, reports USA Today. The accident happened after a sewage pipe burst.

Maybe he should have just kept the seat up.  A Swiss Airlines flight from Zürich to Beijing was forced to turn around after a fight broke out between two passengers fought over a reclined seat, reports the Daily Mail. A 57-year-old passenger got angry when the 27-year-old passenger in front of him reclined his seat and the two ended up fighting in the aisle.

Insert your own Glenn Beck caption here, kids.  Talk show host Glenn Beck has accused a flight attendant for American Airlines for providing him with “subhuman” service, reports the Sky Talk blog. He claimed the flight attendant treated other passengers with courtesy while he was “barked” at and treated rudely.  The airline apologized, but Beck swears he will never fly American again.

Speaking of American Airlines… The carrier was accused of discrimination after a captain refused to allow a family traveling from New York to Los Angeles with their 16-year old son, who has Down’s Syndrome, after claiming he was “agitates,” reports the New York Daily News. The family disputed the claim, saying no one complained of their son’s behavior.

Did it come with a mink blanket? Five lucky economy class passengers on different Virgin Atlantic flights will find a nice surprise to help the airline celebrate the unveiling of its new amenity kits in all classes — a sleep mask decorated with $4,000 worth of Swarovski crystals, reports


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